A once in a lifetime naturalist cruise

It is not uncommon for dolphins to escort our yacht, or for frigate-birds to glide for hours above the Sun Deck, which provides you with an excellent lookout for enjoying the stunning views as well.

 Comfortable and sophisticated ambience

Your impressive and ample cabin (20m2) resembles a floating hotel room with private facilities and minimalistic design. Alternatively you can enjoy the even larger suites, with amazing panoramic views, extra amenities and additional space.

All the comfort you need within easy reach

Shaded whirlpool on the Sun Deck. Spacious solarium and shaded terraces with deck chairs. Cosy living room with a library & bar, and your attentive cruise director making sure that your time aboard is unique.

Delicious food: to make your mouth water

Our professional cook and kitchen staff will treat you to a substantial breakfast and mouth-watering hot lunches and dinners, all served in abundant buffet style and with a perfect mix of local & international cuisine.


Galapagos Cruise Testimonial


A yacht may be comfortably designed and furbished, but it’s the operating staff who make the difference to your stay on-board, in terms of safety, care and maintenance. Our welcoming staff members are understanding, helpful and dedicated to being at your beck and call, which is possible thanks to our superb passenger-crew rate of 16:10 (including naturalist guide). All are Ecuadorian and speak mostly Spanish, but your naturalist guide, barman, and the dedicated cruise director also speak English.

Crew Members

10 crew members and 1 naturalist guide

Our staff usually consists of five male crew members, four household members, one cruise director and last but not least your naturalist guide. Though all of them have their specific tasks, each may assist you, or help out on-board.


It is hard work, but our crew are always smiling. To keep our staff motivated and to keep safety, service and quality levels high, our crews work in 6 week stints, before being replaced by a fresh team.



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