Itinerary B

Crowns jewels of Galapagos

Our classic 4-night route to southeast Galapagos anchors at the most paradisiacal bays and lovely beaches. Some of these oldest islands are true crown jewels that make you an eye-witness of evolution. Many (sub) species had enough time to transform into emblematic figureheads, which differ from island to island. Moreover, the open water passages only take 4-6 hours instead of long overnight navigations; our stable catamaran mostly floats at sheltered anchorages, which highly contributes to a restful sleep.



Long passages


floating nights




Dinghy Rides






  • Virgin Fernandina & isolated west-coast of Isabela make you an eye-witness of evolution.
  • Fur seal groats & unique tidal channel with white-tip reef sharks & rays.
  • Flightless cormorants, largest marine iguanas and penguins near the equator (!)
  • The archipelago’s largest concentration of American flamingo in bird-rich wetlands.

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Itinerary B

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