Itinerary C

To the untouched west of Galapagos

Our 6 nights route runs around largest, seahorse shaped island of Isabela, where nature seems to hunt for the greatest.Explore the virtually untouched western end of Galapagos, which just has been born out off fire. You are right on time for the first thrilling chapters of evolution! Uncover the mystery how tough pioneer species make barren lava fields habitable; and approach bizarre outgrowths of adaptation as marine iguanas and flightless cormorants. It’s true that accessing this remote and isolated region demands longer navigation (mainly overnight), but our stable mega-catamaran enables you to witness ‘survival of the fittest’, without experiencing it.



Long passages

floating nights


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  • Virgin Fernandina & isolated west-coast of Isabela make you eye-witness of evolution
  • Fur seal groats & unique tidal channel with white-tip reef sharks & rays.
  • Flightless cormorants, largest marine iguanas and penguins near the equator (!)
  • Archipelago’s largest concentration of American flamingo in bird-rich wetlands.

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Itinerary C

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